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2. Overcrowding

London is the most crowded place in the UK, and all the people have a big effect on the River Thames.

In the rural parts of the Thames valley, there are a variety of habitats for wildlife such as open areas, woods, hedges and river banks. There are quiet areas undisturbed by people, providing safe habitats for wildlife. The air tends to be cleaner. A big settlement like London is busy and noisy with lots of people, buildings, roads and cars. Gases generated by cars and industry pollute the atmosphere.


* the amount and variety of habitats available to other creatures is reduced * noise and numbers of people can discourage wildlife * air pollution is washed down by the rain and enters water courses

What we can do?

* protect and increase the number of habitats in London (even a wildlife friendly garden can help!) * be sensitive in areas where wildlife lives – treat other creatures with respect * take fewer car journeys – try walking, cycling or public transport!