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Sustainability policy

For visiting schools.

To help the Thames Explorer Trust become more suistainable, we would like all visiting schools to reduce the amount of waste they produce when visiting our sites. We will therefore not provide any rubbish bins at our sites to encourage you to reduce, reuse and recycle! Please help us by following the advice below.

How to make your packed lunch eco-friendly, sustainable & healthy:-
1. Remember the 3 R’s– reduce, reuse & recycle.
2. Reusable carriers (cloth bag, lunchbox).
3. Reusable bottles and packaging for food and drinks – no Clingfilm or tinfoil.
4. Cloth napkins that can be reused – no paper ones.
5. Reusable cutlery – no plastic forks or spoons.
6. Only compostable or recyclable items should be left over.
7. Use fresh, locally grown, seasonal, organic food and resist processed foods.
8. Don’t bring too much food, only bring what you can eat.

For further information about eco-friendly, sustainable & healthy packed lunches please visit the links below:-

Schools Food Trust
Food Standards Agency
London sustainable schools forum
Fit for Sport
Fitter families